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312 A named Military Cross medal 'Ypres Major Richard J or T. Weil, R.F.A., Oct. 4 1917'; complete with case and watered white ribbon with purple stripe
313 A Victoria Regina named medal 'Jas Pyne Gunner's Mate HMS Vulture' with white and purple ribbon
314 A Canada Service named medal 'Sgt. W.H. Lane' with red and white striped ribbon
315 A George V Meritorious Service medal 'SS1210 Sgt. E. King R.A.S.C.' with striped ribbon
316 A Territorial Efficient Service named medal '811641 CNR J. Shorthouse R.A.'
317 For Long Service and Good Conduct, a named medal '407 Color Sgt. Jos. Downing Royal Engineers'
318 A George V named medal for Long Service and Good Conduct '185576 LDG. Sean S.J. Freeman HMS Tamar'
319 A long and Efficient Service medal, named 'Helen S. Steele', the bar with a cross and red, yellow and white ribbon; a volunteer service medal
320 A Metropolitan Police 1911 Coronation medal 'P.C.F. Warner' with a blue and orange striped ribbon
321 A George V Kaiser I Hons India Campaign medal and Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919 bar named '205755, Pt. R.A. Stanbridge 4 Queens Rifles' with blue and green ribbon
322 A 1914-1918 Service medal, named '2 Lieut R.C. McLeod R.A.F.', with blue, black, white and gold ribbon; together with a similarly named Great War Medal
323 May 6 1910 - May 6 1935, a George V and Queen Mary medal named 'J.C.' with blue, purple and white ribbon; GRV named
324 A World War II medal grouping, named '2327980 S/Sgt. W.E. King B.E.M.R. Sigs' including Defense medal 1939-1945, Africa Star Defense medal, Long Service and Good Conduct medal with army bars, Meritorious Service for God and the Empire medal instituted by King George V.
325 A 1914 - 1915 named medal '85762 GNR. R.G. MacLeod Can. F.D. Art'
326 A World War I German five medal grouping
327 A World War I miniature medal grouping - one for bravery in the field
328 A named medal grouping 'Col. Supt. E.M.W. Barney London S.J.A.B. including Maltese Cross 1939-1945, Defense medal, Victoria Hospital medal with three bars; Saint John's Ambulance grouping
329 A Canadian World War II medal grouping including Atlantic Star unnamed
330 A pair of silver wings with shield centre
331 A named set of World War I and World War II medals 'Lieut. J.C.G. Nicolls' including 1939-1945 medal with oak leaf cluster
332 A silver and black enamelled cross with swasticka and purple ribbon in box with gilt 25 'Fur Treue Dienfte'
333 And a similarly enamelled medal dated 10 December 1938
334 A Canada 1952-1977 medal with red, blue and white ribbon
335 A Canada Special Service medal with red, white and black ribbon
336 An Arnhem 50th Anniversary medal, 1994
337 A Canada Peackeeping medal
338 Misc. service medals


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