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We have in our upcoming auction several exciting Nova Scotian historical seafaring items.

Two of the more unusual items are:

1. A rare grouping of 19th century documents from the Mounce House in Avonport, Nova Scotia. This archive chronicles the voyage of Captain Thomas Henry Armstrong as he circumnavigated the globe between 1849 and 1853 in his merchant barque the "Avondale".

This collection of bills of lading, shipping documents, pay ledgers, harbour masters' certificates and other official documents chronicles the 1849 maiden voyage of the Avondale. The three year voyage took Armstrong from Nova Scotia to Ireland, England, around the horn to Australia, to California at the height of the gold rush, to Uruguay, Chile and New Orleans. Tragically, Captain Armstrong died at sea in October 1852 during the final leg of the voyage from New Orleans to Nova Scotia. His wife, Melinda's mourning brooch with a tin type of Captain Armstrong is included in this lot as well as a daguerrotype of the Captain.

Melinda is part of the Mounce line, the notable Avondale ship building family. Anyone who has ever visited Avonport will have seen the two impressive Mounce mansions which were built with a view of the family shipyard situated on the Avon River.

Shipping papers

Shipping papers

Shipping papers

2. The second is a watercolour portrait of the New Glasgow ship "Othere" flying the Nova Scotian flag. Also included in this lot are a tin type of its Captain, J. A. C. Green, as well as letters written at sea by Captain Green to his Mother in Nova Scotia during the late 1800's.

Shipping papers

Shipping papers

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