Saturday, August 5th 
  Viewing - 8:30 am       Main Sale - 10:00 am
  Eleanor Pew Morris Memorial Arena, Pig Loop Rd., Chester, NS
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Lot Description
801 A golden-eye duck decoy with leaded keel, stamped 'Tancook NS', c.1930
802 A duck decoy, stamped 'Tancook NS', c.1930
803 A patch bill scoter decoy by Henry Smith, South Shore, NS
804 A black duck decoy, Toronto area
805 A pressed wood, slant-front desk, c.1920
806 A Colchester County stand, c.1860, the hand-pegged base with one board, the top grain painted and stencilled
807 Brehms Thierleben, an ornithological book containing colour plates, German 1882
808 A folk art carved buck
809 A Gilbert patent work brasswork clock in ogee case, c.1860
810 A king size bed frame in Empire style, modern
811 A Victorian wicker flower stand
812 A moulded glass candle lantern in wrought frame
813 "Waves Crashing on a Rocky Shore" by F. H. Brigden, signed, watercolour on paper, 14" x 16"
814 A 19th century portrait in oils of a gentleman, in a frame with a grape cluster pediment, 30" diameter
815 A Smith's astral bulkhead clock in a brass case
816 A Boukara rug, 3' x 5'
817 A Beluchi rug, 6' x 3'
818 A set of Royal Worcester graduated platters and a soup tureen
819 Three photo albums containing black and white photos of aircraft, 1920-1940
820 A mahogany bedstead, c.1890
821 A Dietz "Union Driving Lamp", patent Jan. 22 '07
822 "Over the Clouds and Hell Gate", dated 1929, # 3/100, and "The Meeting of the Aerial Pioneers (Tri-Motor Fords), dated 1930, # 28/100, two prints by John MacGilchrist, in copper Arts & Crafts frames
823 "The Three Little Bears", a hooked rug
824 A double hearts hooked rug
825 An ice box, c.1920
826 A Royal Bayreuth lobster-form creamer and sugar bowl 
827 A Kerman rug, 4' x 7'
828 An Afghan prayer rug, 3' x 5'
829 An Inuit soapstone carving "Sedna" by Jimmy Nowya, Ivujivik, 5 1/2" high
830 An Inuit soapstone carving "Shaman" by Jimmy Okpik, Inukjuak, 4" high
831 "The Rope" a vintage movie poster of a Hitchcock film with James Stewart
832 "East Side Kids", a vintage movie poster
833 "Cheaper by the Dozen", a vintage movie poster
834 "Saddle the Wind", a vintage movie poster
835 A Stanley three pull telescope, leather bound
836 An Inuit soapstone carving "Whale's Fluke", Juanie Nutaraluk, Puvurnituk, 4" high
837 A pair World War II binoculars by Barr & Stroud, the binoculars with day, night and fog settings with Royal Navy broad arrow marks, in fitted case
838 An early 20th century mahogany ship's wheel with brass boss
839 A Seacone G & B Trawling mast lights, together with a smaller mast light
840 A carved and painted carousel horse on stand
841 A Yamoud mat, 2' 3" x 1' 6"
842 A Yazd-Kerman rug, 7' x 5'
843 A Turkestan Khotan rug, 5' x 8' 10"
844 A schooner model, Eastern Shore, NS, 35" long, 33" high
845 A pair of mahogany fretwork wall shelves
846 "Rum Runner", a boat model, 32" long
847 A schooner model on base, 36" long, 28" high
848 A pond boat with a lead keel from Joseph Colphouse, Eaglehead, NS, 43" long, 64" high
849 "Box Americanus" or Yankee Beef and British Butcher, a cartoon from Punch, March 1877
850 A pine storage box, c.1840
851 A New Haven Arms double barrel shotgun with laminated barrels, c.1880
852 A Thomas J. Egan double barrel shotgun with laminated barrels, possibly Halifax, c.1860
853 A Perkins London fowling piece, c.1850
854 A trout rod with a Hardy Bros. St. George reel
855 A blanket box, c.1850
856 An Allcocks Gloria fishing rod
857 "Lightship with Canadian Flag", 40" long, 24" high
858 A folk art model of the Titanic, 73" long, c.1930
859 A Nova Scotia half model with twelve lifts, 46" long
860 A mahogany candlestand with balustered column on tripod base with snake feet, c.1790
861 A schooner model, probably the Bluenose
862 Two hand-knotted Persian cushions, 1' 6" x 1' 6"
863 An architect's model of the new Canadian frigate, 67" long
864 A lobster trap coffee table
865 A white fox fur coat
866 A brown mink coat
867 A 'blue iris' mink jacket 
868 A bulkhead clock, c.1930, in a bakelite case
869 A barrister's bookcase comprising five units, approx. 72" high
870 An old step back cupboard in as-found condition, 19th century
871 An Empire two drawer stand, c.1840
872 A blue chest in old paint
873 A large bench
874 A 19th century pine washstand
875 "The Dance" by John Cook, signed, oil on board, 12" x 16"
876 A "naughty" folk art carving, Dagley
877 Two hand knotted prayer mats, one signed
878 A "naughty" folk art carving, Dagley
879 A Turkish hand knotted rug
880 A Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, the interior complete with labels, the exterior lacking Louis Vuitton signature material
881 A hand knotted oriental rug
882 A pair of ceramic vases, Windsor
883 A pair of Birdsey prints in Bermuda cedar frames
884 A folk art carving of a man watering flowers
885 "Gothic Number Two" by Laura Wellard, signed, oil on board, 20" x 15 1/2"
886 "Freighter" by Kate A. Smith, signed, chalk on paper, 16" x 10 1/2"
887 "Paddlewheeler and Sailing Boats in the English Channel" by J. M. Barnsley, a copper plate engraving
888 "Filleting Fish" by Keith Shaw Williams, signed, dated 1929, watercolour on paper, 16" x 14"
889 "Fishing Village, Nova Scotia" by Keith Shaw Williams, signed, dated 1929, watercolour on paper, 16" x 14" and "The Artist's Studio" by Keith Shaw Williams, watercolour on paper, 16" x 13"
890 A Victorian parlour table         
891 A wicker doll's carriage, c.1880
892 Lot to appear
893 A Japanese 19th century lacquerwork and paper fan, decorated with a court scene, in a decorated lacquerware box
894 A 19th century painted lacquerware fan in a decorated lacquerware box
895 A 19th century mother of pearl and lace fan in a decorated lacquerware box with a 'Vochon' retailer's label
896 A European painted lace and mother of pearl fan in fitted box
897 A large gilt overmantel mirror, c.1880
898 A gilt overmantel mirror with floral pediment, c.1865
899 A gilt overmantel mirror with rope twist pediment, c.1865.  Loss
900 A Nova Scotia butter churn, c.1860
901 Lot to appear
902 Lot to appear
903 A Nova Scotia pine candlebox, c.1890
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