Chester Sale

Annual Chester Auction
Saturday, July 31st &
Sunday, August 1st, 2004
Chester Arena, Pigs loop Road,
Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Viewing 8:30 am Main Sale 10:00 am
Day 2 - 90 Lots of Hooked Mats
and Quilts 9:30 am
800+ lots over two days from various Estates

Last updated 27 July, 2004

To view additional photographs by Lot Number and Auction Day, click on the appropriate link:

Thumbnail Photographs of a sample of
Auction Items from Day 1.

Last photo added 6 July 2004

Addendum updated 27 July 2004

Thumbnail Photographs of a sample of
Auction Items from Day 2.

Last photo added 6 July 2004

Addendum updated 27 July 2004

Catalogue of Auction Items from Day 1.

updated 27 July 2004

Catalogue of Auction Items from Day 2.

updated 27 July 2004


Click the document image to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF of the Final Chester Catalogue. The file is 3.5MB in size and contains the catalogue that will be for sale for $5.00 on Day 1 and Day 2 of the auction. Please note that this catalogue supersedes the catalogue that is online and links to the online images (i.e. the links above).

NOTE: The following Lot numbers were added on July 27, 2004 and can be found in the Day 1 and Day 2 addendums. Lot 100f, Lot 479f, Lot 614h, i, and j, and Lot 637

Chester Auction Final Catalogue

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1. No buyer's premium charged on goods purchased.

2. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. will accept and execute left bids on your behalf.

3. All items to be paid for on the day of sale.

4. Payment may be made by cheque, money order or cash. Visa and Mastercard are also accepted and are subject to a 2.25% premium.

5. All transactions are made in Canadian dollars at prevailing foreign exchange rates.

6. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. reserves the right to hold any lot until such time as business or personal cheques clear its bank account.

7. This catalogue serves only to describe the items for sale and does not carry any warranties.

8. Buyers must satisfy themselves as to the condition and quality of the items they intend to bid on or buy.

9. As much as possible, Crowther & Brayley Ltd. will point out damage where evident. However, it is incumbent upon buyers to establish for themselves the condition of the item which they intend to bid on or buy.

10. For the purposes of this catalogue 'circa' means plus or minus 10 years of the date indicated.

11. Shipping to all points is available. Shipping from Nova Scotia can be more expensive than shipping within the United States.

12. Effective November 15th, 2000 it is the policy of Crowther & Brayley Ltd. not to offer any item containing ivory or other related materials unless it is more than 50 years old.

Note: Citizens of the United States and other out of country individuals should be aware of the laws governing the importation of ivory, marine mammal, reptile and bird products into their own country. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. strongly recommends that items containing these materials, regardless of age, not be purchased if the buyer's intention is to import them into the United States or elsewhere. This applies particularly to sea mammal ivory and African and Indian elephant ivory. Please consult your local authorities for futher information and consultation.

Last Updated on 21 July 2004
By Bill Brayley , Crowther & Brayley Ltd.

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