Monday, April 18th 2005
List of Books for Sale

450 Nova Scotia by Duncan Campbell, John Lovell, Montreal 1873
451 To The Blue Canadian Hills, Radcliffe, North Country Press, Leeds
452 Three misc. books on Halifax
453 In Darkest Africa, Henry Stanley, Charles Scribner & Sons, 1891, two volumes
454 The Fighting Newfoundlander, by Ellwand, Gov. of Nfld., 1964
455 More Fighting Newfoundland, Nicholson, Gov. of Nfld., 1969
456 Bliss Carman's Poems, McClelland & Stewart, 1929
457 Complete Poems - Dr. W.H. Drummond, McClelland & Steward, 1926
458 An Intimate History of New Brunswick, 1970, The Facinating World of New Brunswick, 1973, Stuart Tueman, McClelland & Stewart
459 Bluenose Skipper, The Agnus Walter Story, Brunswick Press, 1st and 2nd Editions
460 Nova Scotia by Duncan Campbell, John Lovell, Montreal 1873
461 The Speeches and Public Letters of Joseph Howe, Chisholm 1909, two volumes
462 Two Solitudes, The Watch That Ends the Night - Hugh McLennan
463 Thomas Raddall - three novels
464 Yarmouth, Past and Present, Lawson 1902
465 Life and Times of Angus L., Off Trail in Nova Scotia, History of Early Nova Scotia
466 Some Common Birds of Nova Scotia - Robie Tufts, Native Trees of Canada - Morton
467 The Highland Heart of Nova Scotia - Neil MacNeil, Cape Breton Habour - Edna Staebler (2)
468 These are the Martimes, The Passionate Pilgrim, Off Trail in Nova Scotia, Here Stays Good Yorkshire - Will R. Bird
469 Anne of Ingleside, Anne of Windy Poplars, Emily's Quest, Anne of the Island, The Golden Road - L.M. Mongomery
470 Birds of Nova Scotia - Robie Tufts - three volumes
471 Leaders of Nova Scotia 1936 - Loyalist Press
472 Done at Grand Pre, Will R. Bird, Ryerson, 1955
473 Misc. Sea Scout books
474 Blue Nose, A Portrait of Nova Scotia (2) Dorothy Duncan
475 Curling in Ontario 1846-1946 - John A. Stevenson
476 A History of Reformation - Lindsay, 1907 Vol. 1 and 2
477 History of Canadian Forces 1914-19, MacPhail
478 Devasted Halifax, Weir, 1917, 2nd edition
479 Prohibition and St. Pierre, 1983, Over the Side - J.P. Andrieux 1984
480 Traditional Songs of Nova Scotia, Helen Creighton, Ryerson Press 1956
481 Traditional Songs of Nova Scotia, Helen Creighton, Ryerson Press 1956
482 Traditional Songs of Nova Scotia, Helen Creighton, Ryerson Press 1956
483 Three novels - Thomas Raddall
484 A Doctor's Prilgrimage and Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor
485 Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock, More Tales Under the Old Town Clock, Tales Retold Under the Old Town Clock - Barrett, Imperial Publishing, 1943
486 Under Wellington's Command - G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London
487 Under Drake's Flag, G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London
487 a Orange & Green - G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London
487 b Through Three Campaigns - G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London
487 c A Final Reckoning and In the Heart of the Rockies - G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London
487 d The Lion of the North and By Pike & Dyke, - G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London
487 e By England's Aid and Through the Fray - G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London
488 Tales from the Works of G.A. Henty, Black & Son, London and St. George for England, A Tale of Cressy & Portiers - Henty,Hurst & Co.
489 Pioneer Monks in Nova Scotia - Rev. Schrepper, The Presbyterian Church in Canada 1875-1925, Genesis of Churches, History of the Church
490 A New Canadian Anthology, Creighton 1938, Crucible Press
491 The Shy Yorkshireman, Despite the Distance, An Earl Must Have a Wife - W. Bird
492 The Watch that Ends the Night - Hugh MacLellan, Here Stays Good Yorkshire - Bird, A Doctor's Prilgimage - Brasset, Growing Questions - Fillmore
493 The Birds of Newfoundland - By Peters & Burleigh, illustr. By Roger Tory Peterson, 1951, Prov. Of Nfld.
494 Nova Scotia's part in the Great War - Hunt, The Valley of the Remsheg , 2nd ed. - H.R. Brown, A History of Moncton Town and city 1855-1965
495 So Much to Record - Bird, Maid of the Marshes - Bird, Sunrise for Peter - Bird
496 John A. MacDonald - The Old Chieftan - Donald Creighton, First Things in Acadia - the Birthplace of a Continent, Glimpses of Halifax
497 #101 of 125 - The Captain, the Colonel and Me - signed by author Elsie Tolson
498 Grand Parade - Lancaster, Away all Boats - Dodson, Tales from Barrett's Landing - Wilson, The Path of Destiny - Raddall
499 The Order of Good Cheer - a narrative poem, Merbel, The Highland Heart in Nova Scotia - Neil MacNeil, Desired Haven - Richardson, We Keep a Light - Richardson
500 The Klondike Clan - Young, Restless are the Sails - Eaton, My other Islands - Richardson, John Fisher Reports - Fisher, In My Time - A Memoir - Thomas H. Raddall
501 No Small Tempest - Richardson, The Governor's Lady - Raddall, The Grey Seas Under - Farley Mowat, Scotman's Return and Other Essays - Hugh MacLennan
502 Peter the Whaler - Kingston, Children of Labrador - Dwight, The White Voyage - Christopher
503 Difficult Labour - Cameron & Hewitt, The Romance of the Maritime Provinces - Seary, To Nova Scotia - Longstreth, Happy Hours - DeWolfe, From a Library Window - Stewart, Images of Lunenburg County - Barss
504 Of Whales & Men - Robertson, Sixty Below - Onraet, Northern Lights - Roger Vercel, Fly Fishing for Trout - Greenberg
505 Reminiscences - MacKinnon, It Happened at Moose River - Stephens, Fundy Tales - Balcom, Joseph Howe - Grant, Off Trail in Nova Scotia - Bird, The Lindberghs - O'Brien, Cape Breton - Isle of Romance - Walworth
506 Field Book of American Wild Flowers - Mathews, Candian Land Books - Taverner, Canadian Water Birds - Taverner, Audoban Bird Guide - Pough
507 Angel Cove, Tristan's Salvation - Bird, Down in Nova Scotia - Clara Dennis, Bluenose Ghosts - Creighton
508 Westward with Columbus - Stables, Happy Stories Just to Laugh at - Leacock, The Facinating World of New Brunswick - Trueman, Ox Bells & Firefiles - Buckler, Conquest of the Tropics - Adams
509 Heman's Poetical Works, Over the Teacups - Holmes, Scotland Yard - Firmin
510 Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Rilla of Ingleside - L.M. Montgomery
511 Famour American Authors - Bolton, Scott's Poetical Works - Sir Walter Scott, Anderson's Fairy Tales
512 Assortment of cook books
513 World's Best Recipes - Small, Coffee - Jean Gordon, The Cordon Bleu Cook Book - Lucas, Betty Crocker's picture cook book
514 The Poetical Works of Robert Burns, The Poetical Works and Letters of Robert Burns
515 Secret Mission Submarine - Jewell, The Good Shepherd - C.S. Forester, Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon - Jules Verne, Valiant - Dog of the Timberline - O'Brien
516 Heidi - Spyri, FDR His Personal Letters, the Early Years, Tellers of Tales - Somerset Maugham, The Life of Andrew Jackson - James
517 Our Princesses and their Dogs - Chance, The Princess Elizabeth Gift Book, King Albert's Book, Our Gracious Queen 1837-1897
518 Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, Pictures Every Child Should Know - Bacon, Laddie - A True Blue Story - Stratton-Porter, Sam Slick - Haliburton
519 Famous Canadian Stories - French, The Rebel Raider - Swiggett, Madame Currie - A Biography by Eve Currie, The Fortunes & Misfortunes of the Famous, Moll Flanders - Defoe
520 Dictatorship in Newfoundland - Lodge, Jack & Jill, Silver Pitchers, Rose in Bloom - Alcott
521 Arlington Edition, Hiawatha, Rilla of Ingleside - L.M. Montgomery, Men Against the Sea - Robinson, Lakes, Salt Marshes & the Narrow Green Strip, Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia - Zinck, Valley Gold - Hutten
522 Moccasin and Cross - Copp Clark, Prescott of Saskatchewan - Blindless, Place Names and Places of Nova Scotia, A Peculiar Treasure - Ferber, R.A.F. - The Second Year
523 The Poetical Works of Robert Burns, Wild Plants of Canada, Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter, The Cornhill Magazine - July 1891, Hand book of Outboard Motorboating - Henry & Allard, The Healing Woods - Reben
524 Trudeau - Radwanski - Rene Levesque - Memoirs, Act of God - Charles Templeton, The Invasion of Canada 1812-1813 - Pierre Berton, Just a Simple Pharmacist - Rasky, Adventure in Art, Gentle Pioneers
525 Book of Praise - Tunes, Dr. Chase's New Receipt Book, Exploring the World of Music (2) - Staples, Major of Melody - Gibbon, Black & White - Subscriber's Copy, Diving for Sunken Treasure - Cousteau, 75th Anniversary Naval Service
526 Your Health - Phelps, Evangeline & Evangline Country - Longfellow, Cape Breton Giant - Gillis, A Seaman's Pocket Book - 1952, Golden Treasury of Canadian Verse, Best Stories of the Sea - Woodrooffe, U.S.S. Seawolfe - Frank & Horan, Two Centuries of Christian Witness in Truro, Nova Scotia
527 The Poetical Works of John Keats - book presented to Edith Faulkner by Willis Piano Co., June 1936
528 Tales of the Alhambra - Washington Irving, Granada
529 Canada's Flying Heritage - Ellis, The Spirit of Canada (1939) - published by CPR
530 Forest Stream & Seashore - The Intercolonial Railway
531 The Chronicle, No. 222, December 1935
532 The Two Jacks - Bird
533 The Life & Achievements of Admiral Dewey - Halstead
534 The Navy & Army Illustrated
535 East Coat Panorama - Andreius, TheCaptain, The Colonel and Me - Tolson, The Thunder and the Sunshine - Brock, Act of God - Charles Templeton, A Century Ago - Halifax 1871, Nova Scotia Sketch Book - Jensen, Vanishing Halifax - Jensen
536 Peter Rabbit, Warnes Happy Book forGirls, Bo-Peep's Bumper Book - 1934, Mickey's Hawaiian Holiday, The Big Budget for Girls, The Civil War, The School Boy's Annual
537 Lot of assorted books
538 Lot of misc. books and pamphlets
539 Pictou Indians - an Original Poem by Rev. Elliott 1847
540 The Life & Times of George R. Young by Robert Grant 1886
541 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia - Anderson & Kinley, Nova Scotia
542 The Evagaline Land, Portrait of Windsor, Getchen of Grande Pre
542 a Halifax in Wartime, Halifax Catastrophe, Easy Way Cake Book, Land Birds, Churchill, Telephone Directory 1945,
543 The Village Politicans - Parson
544 Red Ryder - Harman - Mystery of Whispering Walls, Red Ryder - Secrety of Wolf Canyon, Uncle Wiggily's Story Book - Garis
545 Zane Grey Books - Ken Ward in the Jungle, Shadow on the Trail, The Call of the Canyon, Wildfire, The Mysterious Rider, Betty Zane, The Drift Fence, The Man of the Forest, The Last Man, Under the Toronto Rim, The Last of the Plainsmen, The Shepherd of Guadaloupe, The Spirit of the Border, Nevada
546 Zane Grey Books - Wild Horseman, 30,000 on the Hoof (2), Western Union, Stairs of Sand, The Trail Driver, The Rainbow Trail, The Lone Star Ranger, Raiders of Spanish Peaks, TheVanishing American, Waterer of the Wasteland, The Short Stop, West of the Pecos, Fighting Caravans, The Mysterious Rider
547 Country Christmas - Hoffman, Ted Marsh on an Important Mission - Sherwood, Boy Scouts in The Canadian Rockies - Victor
548 Tenderfoot & Kings Scout (2), Boy Scout & Wolf Cub Proficiency Badge Reference Book, Useful Knots, An Introduction to Charts & their use, Modern Chartwork, Sea Cadet Manoeurving Signal Book
549 The Boy Scout Aviators, The Strange Hunt for the Beaver Patrol, To the Rescue in the Black Water Swanps, Winning the Merit Badge, Boy Scout Explorers at Emerald Valley
550 Collector's books - Bristol & Other Coloured Glass, Canadian Glass, Early Furniture of French Canada, Chinaware
551 The Red Cross Girls on the French Firing line - Vandercook, The Mary Frances First Aid books - Fryer,The Girl Souts Triumph, The Girl Scouts at Penguin Pass - Wirt
552 His Brother's Keeper - Sheldon, Richard Bruce - Smeldon, A Run Around the World, Bringing up Father - Geo. McManus
553 The Story of the Dominion - Hopkins, The Fine Arts in Canada
554 Misc. books - the Hite Report, Broffman Dynasty, etc.
555 L'Art de Preparer & d'Accommoder les Salades, Neighbourly poems, The Devil's Doings
556 Wooden hockey game - circa 1930
557 Wooden hockey game - circa 1950
558 Two boxes of misc. sheet music
559 Book of Post Cards
560 Album of Post Cards
561 Album of Post Cards
562 Lot of misc. Nova Scotia post cards
563 Album of misc. post cards and other misc. post cards
564 Nova Scotia Post Card Album
565 Books - Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Thorn Birds, Black Beauty, Madame Bovary, A Conrad Argosy
566 Lot of misc. books
567 Lot of misc. books

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